Researcher at CoLABOR – Social Protection

Jena Santi (1998) is an assistant researcher in the Social Protection line at CoLABOR.

Graduated in Economics by ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE – IUL), she is currently finishing her master’s degree in Management at ISCTE-IUL with a dissertation in the area of counterfactual impact evaluation of Public Policies.

Throughout her academic career, she was a Scientific Initiation Scholarship as part of a research project in the International Economics area of the Business Research Unit-IUL, was an analyst member of the ISCTE Trading & Investment Club (ITIC) and was a research fellow in the program “Verão com Ciência” of DINÂMIA’CET – ISCTE, related to the counterfactual evaluation of public policies and programs.

In addition, she did an internship at the Economics and Research Department of Banco de Portugal.