During lockdown periods many Portuguese workers kept commuting to their work places. A large part of those workers had to insure the provision of vital services and goods, as health care, food, sanitation, policing or transportation. They were exposed to an increased risk of contagion. Other have worked from home since their tasks did not require physical presence in the workspace or have commuted to their work place only a few days a week. Others still, either because they have been infected or belong to groups at risk, have been temporarily absent, locked down in their homes or in health care units.

Given the emphasis attributed to lockdowns and mobility restrictions as means to counter the pandemic, questions of health safety at work and inequality in respect to exposure have been relegated to the background in public debate and policy. As worker’s return to their work spaces the moment has come to discuss health safety at work and workers participation in the design and enforcement of health safety regulation at the firm level.

Keywords: COVID-19, health safety at work, workers participation.

Authores: José Castro Caldas, Filipe Lamelas e Pedro Estêvão

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