This paper analysis the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on work, employment and income, by combining officiWork, al statistics and quantitative and qualitative data collected in an online survey held by more than 11 thousand people.
COVID-19 pandemic impacts are uneven across industries and social categories. Tourism-related activities, that pave the ground to employment growth in recent years, are being severely hit by the current crisis. The current
pandemic reinforced inequalities that existed prior to its inception and created new ones. People who have less educational resources and the least well off lost took the hardest hit regarding income loss. The possibility to work
from home and the conditions to do so vary quite considerably between socioeconomic categories.

Keywords: Work and employment; telework; income; inequalities; layoff; COVID-19 pandemic.

Authors: Pedro Adão e Silva, Renato Miguel do Carmo, Frederico Cantante, Catarina Mendes Cruz, Pedro Estêvão, Luís Manso e Tiago Santos Pereira.

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